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2013 Sale...  If you are interested in volunteering to help at the sale, please contact the chairman.  (See contact infromation at the bottom of this page)

Annual Ski and Snowboard Sale and Festival 


The 2013 sale will be November 8th through 10th, 2013

Location: 3130 N. Yellowstone Highway (the old Waremart building) Idaho Falls, ID 
  • Early Birds Friday 6 to 8 pm - $10 admission (12 and older)
  • Friday 8 to 11 pm - $2 admission (12 and older
  • Saturday 9 to 6 pm - $2 admission (12 and older)
  • Sunday 10am  to 2 pm –Free admission


EARLY BIRD SALE HOURS!  You can enjoy early access to the sale for only $10 admission on Friday night from 6 to 8 pm, or by being a sale volunteer. 

Equipment Drop-Off: Thursday Nov 7,2013 , 6 pm to 9 pm, Friday Nov 8, 2013 noon to 5 pm.

Equipment Pick-up: Sunday Nov 10 4 to 6 pm, no exceptions.


Great Prices!  Outfit The Whole Family!  Great Christmas Gift Deals!


 Ski Sale Q & A...

302423What kinds of things are sold at the sale?

All the equipment needed to ski Alpine or Nordic, Telemark, or Snowboard.  We offer new stuff, used stuff, and great deals!  We offer every size to suit every size skier or boarder.  Individuals are encouraged to bring their equipment to sell as well as vendors who bring new equipment for sale.   

The Ski & Board Sale also has the best deals anywhere on gloves and mittens, ski or board bags, goggles, hats, turtlenecks, and long underwear.  The vendors and our club volunteers comprise some of the best expertise on equipment and will be there to help you find what you need and make sure it fits well.

What is the “Festival?”

Representatives from many local areas and resorts set up booths to provide skiers and boarders with information about their areas and resorts.  We also have many organizations there offering information about the Ski Patrol, Kelly Canyon Race Team, ski or board lessons, and much more!  Drawings for prizes and offers are held frequently throughout the sale. 

Can I buy my IFSC membership at the sale?

Yes,  Memberships will be on sale  during all sale hours.

Should I try to sell my old equipment?

30% of all the skis, snowboards, and boots are sold by individuals. Over 70% of the people who bring equipment to the sale sell at least one item and the percentage is even higher for snowboards, Nordic and children's equipment.

How do I know if my stuff is OK to sell? 

There are a couple of restrictions in place to ensure the equipment is safe to use and re-sell:  For Alpine boots: check the ski boots for a DIN number on the sole of the boot. You cannot sell alpine type boots without a DIN number.  Rear entry alpine ski boots are another item that is obsolete and are not recommended for resale unless they are in extremely good shape and are children’s models.Bindings made before 1980 are obsolete and should not be resold.  If you are still not sure, ask the representatives at the sale when you bring them in during the "Equipment Drop Off" hours.

How do I get my equipment ready for the sale?305559

1.) Clean it up and check for breakage.  If it’s broken, reconsider selling it. Would you buy dirty or broken equipment?   2.) Price your equipment. This is difficult. One of the best ways to determine price is to look at the prices for new equipment, talk to ski shop owners about their ideas, check for the item on eBay, and then ask yourself how much would you pay for the equipment. Remember the ski club keeps 20% of your asking price. Equipment that is clean, in good repair, looks well taken care of, and is reasonably priced has a good chance for sale.

How do I get my equipment into the sale?

Bring your equipment to the "Equipment Drop Off" at the posted hours.  Volunteers will receive your equipment, help you with the paperwork, and issue you a receipt to be used to pick up any unsold equipment after the sale.   

How much equipment can I bring to sell?

No more than 10 items per person unless previously approved by the sale chairperson ahead of time.  

If my equipment doesn’t sell, what do I do?

On the last day of the sale, Sunday, between 4 and 6 PM you can pick up equipment that did not sell. There will be no equipment return made between 2pm and 4pm on Sunday to give us time to do the books and gather unsold equipment. If you want your equipment back you MUST pick it up during the return hours or it will be donated.

If my equipment did sell, then what?

A Check will be mailed to you within two weeks after the sale for the asking amount less the 20% consignment fee.   You will not be able to receive the money for your items at or immediately after the sale at the sale location. Please use an accurate mailing address on the consignment form when you drop off your equipment for sale. 

Can I work at the sale?

Yes, we appreciate all volunteers.  The club welcomes adults with ski or boarding knowledge, as well as anyone wishing to help with sales, set-up, clean-up, or a number of other tasks and jobs to participate.  You may volunteer by contacting the chairman, Greg Olson.   Please, no children will be allowed at the sale location without close adult or parental supervision.
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